Our Working Group and its individual members will participate actively in the 49th Annual Meeting of the AEPC in Prague, May 20-23, 2015. For your convenience, we present the short excerpt of the scientific program.

Wednesday 08:30-10:10

Meeting Hall I - Update Teaching Course: Right Ventricle - How RV develops and works

Chair: Bonello B. (Marseille, France), Benson L. (Toronto, Canada)
Normal and abnormal development of the heart and the coronary circulation in RV disease - Gittenberger-de Groot A.
Fetal pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum: prediction of outcome and when to consider prenatal intervention - Tulzer G.
Development of the right ventricle and consequences for morphology in different lesions - substrate for remodeling? - Jongbloed M.
Right ventricular function exposed to different loading conditions - Lopez L.
Right ventricular failure in pulmonary hypertension: does the left ventricle matter? - Friedberg M.

Thursday 11:30-13:00

Meeting Hall V Abstract Session: Fetal and Morphology WG

Chair: Angelini A. (Padua, Italy), Jicinska H. (Brno, Czech Republic)
How normal is a “normal” heart in fetuses with Down syndrome? - Calkoen E.E., Adriaanse B.M.E., Haak M.C., Bartelings M.M., Kolesnik A., Niszczota C., van Vugt J.M.G., Roest A.A.W., Blom N.A., Gittenberger-de Groot A.C., Jongbloed M.R.M.
Inner architecture of the right ventricle: the role of the tricuspid valve - Houyel L., Peyre M., Bessieres B., Gonzales M.
Impact of 1st trimester anomaly scan on un-natural history of CHD - Jicinska H., Grochova I., Vlasin P.
Significance of Social Deprivation and Modifiable Risk Factors in the Aetiology of Congenital Heart Defects - Uzun O., Gordon H., Babaoglu K., Ayhan Y.I., Kennedy J., Massias S., Tucker D., Goynumer G., Beattie B.
Pulsed Wave Tissue Doppler Imaging in Fetuses with Aortic Stenosis and Evolving Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome before and after Fetal Aortic Valvuloplasty - Wohlmuth C., Wertaschnigg D., Wieser I., Arzt W., Tulzer G.
Fetal pulmonary valvuloplasty – how sufficient it is? - Dangel J., Kolesnik A., Hussey M., Pietrzak M., Debska M.
Improved Fetal Detection of Simple Transposition of the Great Arteries Results in Better Clinical and Surgical Outcomes - Uzun O., Nittur S., Shetthalli M., Wong A.

Thursday 14:30-16:00

Panorama Hall - Working Group Symposium: Morphology: Syndromal heart disease

Chair: Gittenberger-de Groot A. (Leiden, The Netherlands), Dangel J. (Warsaw, Poland)
The heart in Down syndrome - Kolesnik A.
Heart disease in 22q11 deletion syndrome - Houyel L.
Cardiovascular disease in Turner syndrome - Herberg U.
The heart in Noonan syndrome - Clur S.A.

Thursday 16:30-18:00

Meeting Hall V - Anatomical demonstration by the WG Morphology

Chair: Sharland G. (London, UK), Jongbloed M. (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Cardiovascular anatomy in syndromal heart disease - anatomical demonstration - KoleĊ›nik A., Niszczota C.

Friday  11:30-13:00

Meeting Hall V - Working Group Symposium: Prevention: Atherosclerosis and hypertension - new approaches

Chair: Jokinen E. (Helsinki, Finland), Ehringer-Schetitska D. (Wiener Neustadt, Austria)
Atherosclerosis - natural course and pathomorphological equivalent - Gittenberger-de Groot A.
Intima media thickness measurement - technique and indications - Pozza R.
Arterial hypertension in youth - epidemiology and consequences - Oberhoffer R.
Diagnostic algorithm and therapy of hypertension in childhood - Hulpke-Wette M.

Friday 14:30-16:00

Meeting Hall V - Anatomical demonstration by the WG Morphology

Chair: Gittenberger-de Groot A. (Leiden, The Netherlands), Kolesnik A. (Warsaw, Poland)
Cardiovascular defects in 22q11 microdeletion: similarities and differences - anatomical demonstration - Angelini A., Houyel L.

Saturday 09:00-10:30

Meeting Hall V - Working Group Symposium: Joint Session Fetal, Morphology and Imaging: Double outlet right ventricle

Chair: Herberg U. (Bonn, Germany), Angelini A. (Padua, Italy)
Developmental background and morphology of DORV - Jongbloed M.
Imaging navigation to best surgical management - Marek J.
An approach to fetal DORV, prediction of surgical outcome and counseling - Simpson J.
Complex DORV: planning the surgical approach - Lacour-Gayet F.